Art on Deck Submission Form

Art On Deck: ArtFly x Passion Board Shop x Tag Flip

Artist Contract


This form must be completed and returned with artwork submission.

Form and artwork must be brought to Passion Board Shop on or before May 11, 2024. Passion Board Shop is located at 218 N Dewey St, Eau Claire 54703.

Contact Kelsey M Wenberg at with questions.

Art On Deck features local artists using old skateboard decks as the main component of their artwork. Free decks are provided by Passion Board Shop & Tag Flip and can be picked up at there at 218 N Dewey St anytime during business hours. Decks are available on a first come, first serve basis, and are limited to one board per artist. You are welcome to use your own boards. Artists may submit up to three (3) works. Return your painted, collaged, sculpted, etc. ART decks and completed contract to Passion on or before May 11, 2024. Art decks will be exhibited at Passion Board Shop on May 18, 2024, accompanied by the North Hill Spring Market from 10 am – 4 pm. All are welcome to attend this free event. Art decks will be moved and exhibited at Racy D’Lenes Coffee Lounge through August 2024. Please read the following rules and complete all instructions.

  • We do not provide insurance on any artwork; it is the artist’s responsibility to obtain insurance if needed.
  • We are not responsible for any damages to artwork during the course of exhibition.
  • We reserve the right to reject any artwork at any time based on appropriateness for public display.
  • Artwork must be arranged for pick up from Racys by Sept 30. Artwork not picked up by then will become property of ArtFly, unless otherwise arranged.
  • It is the artist’s choice to price work for sale. All sale inquiries will be directed to the artist; artists are responsible for their own sales. There is no commission taken on sold work; artists keep 100% of sales. Yay!
  • Artworks (including sold artwork) may not be removed or de-installed until after the exhibition, unless otherwise arranged with ArtFly. Please notify potential buyers. If you’ve sold a piece, let us know and we’ll mark it sold.
  • Artwork may be stored for a number of days before installation, please package artwork accordingly.
  • All artworks must be ready to hang. See next page for instructions.
  • No piece of artwork should exceed 20 lbs.


Get your ART decks ready to hang:

Before you start working on your skateboard, you need to put a hanging wire on the back. We suggest using small d-ring hardware with picture wire. Boards can be hung horizontally or vertically. Picture wire should be left loose to accommodate the curve of the board. See pictures below.


Please provide the following information.


Name as it should appear on label: ________________________________________________________

Email address:_______________________________________________________________________________

Phone number:_______________________________________________________________________________

Social Media: _________________________________________________________________________________

Artwork Title:_______________________________________________________________________________


Price (if applicable):_________________________________________________________________________


Artist Signature:_____________________________________________________________________________

Guardian Signature (if under 18):__________________________________________________________