Mayo Clinic Healing Arts

Please see below for details. Contact for more information. 
If you are interested in sharing a written story about your experience as an artist during covid-19, please email that story to Sara as well. 

"My name is Sara Martinek and I am working on the Healing Reflections Mural Project for Mayo Clinic Health System. The concept of the project, in collaboration with the UWEC, is to collect stories/ reflections of personal experiences from health care workers and community members related to the historic nature of the past year. The themes of the story are healing, hope, resilience, hardships, covid/pandemic, diversity & Inclusion.


The stories are then paired with an artist to create a pictorial image to be transferred onto a vinyl imaging onto a panel. The viewer of the panels and stands will be able to access the stories and information about the artist via a website.

The goal of the project is to create Healing Moments at all phases:  the planning of the project, the telling of stories, the artists, the collaboration of community and Health Care worker, and in the sharing of the final project.


So far, I have been connecting each artist with 1-3 stories where they choose 1 or more stories to inspire their artwork for one panel. The panels are diamond shaped and at different angles so that is something to keep in mind when creating the artwork- it can be a square shape, it will just be cropped to fit the panel, but the full image will be displayed on the website.


We are looking to connect with local artists that would be interested in participating in this project.

I am also including our website with a short video about the project, and the stories and artwork for our first 2 stands:


Please reach out to me if you have any questions."


Thank you,


Sara Martinek

Patient Experience Specialist

Office of Patient Experience